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Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

The Unidirectional dynamic Microphone is a top substitute for professional sound, it imparts a silver color that will look valuable in any room and 10 cable giving you the ultimate flexibility in using it in your home or office. This Microphone is designed to work with all types of audio applications, from voice to video to.

Vtg Audio-Technica Black Low Impedance Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone -AT9100
Singing Machine SMM107 Unidirectional Dynamic Wireless Microphone, Black
Singing Machine SMM107 Unidirectional Dynamic Wireless Microphone - NEW

Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone Ebay

This professional dynamic Microphone wired Unidirectional handheld metal mic is first-class for by the camera or video camera in your business or home for recording video or audio information, this Microphone is Unidirectional so you can move it around to hear multiple sides of the conversation while still having the necessary connection for stable recording. This Microphone is fabricated from high quality metal and plastic so it will last and be durable while in use, the sony f-bm7 pro is an Unidirectional dynamic Microphone that was developed in order to improve the quality of voice listening in media pools and other applications. The Microphone is designed to pick up the voice of the interviewer or interviewee in addition to each other type of audio and noise, this enables the interviewer or interviewee to say what they feel like, without having to rely on a sound track or Microphone live microphones. The Unidirectional dynamic Microphone is equipped with an 10 ft, long cable for facile attachment to your tv or monitor. It offers a tom-tom sound with a loudness of about 000 ps, it is dandy for performing singing and other dynamic audio applications. The shure sm57-lc is a dynamic Microphone that is puissant for use in music, it provides a language- cuff feature which makes it basic to understand what others are saying, and it renders a pre-osmotic (pulse) feature which makes it basic to create natural sounding words. The sm57-lc is conjointly water and shock resistant, making it an ideal Microphone for use in any type of music.